A. Bejaoui, R. Keshana, I. Lamloum

giornalisti tunisia
Amel Bejaoui, Rashid Keshana, Imed Lamloum my Tunisian journalist friends.

For some Tunisian newspapers, even reporting on bad weather conditions is banned, for fear that it would shed a bad light on the Government…  “Tunisia can be described as one of the most repressive countries in terms of media freedom, particularly compared to its’ neighbours in North Africa. All mediations and efforts to persuade the government to increase press freedom have failed. All kinds of technical and administrative obstacles are being used against the circulation of minority opinions in the market…” (European Neighbourhood Journalism network).

The daily battle to be a professional  journalist in Tunisia is a very hard one, but some people do not give up.

Threatening, jailing  or killing a journalist removes a vital witness to events, and threatens the right of us all to be informed

See the press freedom barometer :www.rsf.org

See the press freedom index :www.rsf.org



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